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Buy Cleaning Items Like Liquid Soap, Toilet Cleaner, Etc., Here At Inexpensive Rates!
About Us

Abhinandan Chemicals is a proven manufacturer of Liquid Soap, Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and a couple of other housekeeping essentials. A mere wiper or a broom cannot give effective results in maintaining required level of hygiene and cleanliness. We need cleaning essentials such as cleaners, soaps and a host of other housekeeping items for cleaning spaces in an effective manner. Looking at this, our corporate house founded itself back in 1998 for bringing forward an assortment of housekeeping products encompassing soaps, cleaners, etc. 

Our manufacturing enterprise makes convenient for final users to acquire different types of cleaning essentials under one roof. Our broad line of housekeeping items is served in malls, supermarkets, provisional outlets, wholesale shops and a lot more. We are bringing housekeeping products that are developed conforming to industrial standards and practices. 

The Talented 12

We are fortunate to employ talented 12 who own every bit of quality our entity needs in its army of professionals. Our 12 eager and energetic individuals practice hard work for running respective operations in a streamlined way. Each person in our talented battalion is working towards garnering positive response from the competitive business environment. Our cleaning essentials serving entity trains its team for achieving business targets on time in order to rise above all in the competition. 

Our talented 12 tries maintaining pace with current market conditions for serving commercial and industrial patrons in an exceptional manner. Following are some traits of our extraordinary army:

  • Passionate
  • Listeners
  • Performers
  • Qualified
  • Learners 

Our Supportive Associates

Our company founded in Gujarat has created the best allies in business which provide base materials and others for managing operations in a super effective manner. Our company has chosen associates drawing into concentration their previous dealing records, market visibility, business concepts and a couple of more things. 

Cleaning Partner Since 1998

Our entity has played the role of a true cleaning partner to many commercial and industrial customers. Since beginning to this time, our collective focus as a team has been on serving our commercial customers such as grocery shops, supermarkets, mega malls and a few others in the most advanced manner. We have understood from day one that a growing business never sidelines customers emerging needs. We make customers emerging needs our chief priority and do our best in meeting them. Our cleaning essentials such as soaps, cleaners, etc., are made conforming to necessary industrial standards and rules. We provide household cleaning essentials upholding economical pricing policy for garnering more and more commercial and industrial customers. Our perfection based range includes Floor Cleaner, Liquid Soap, etc. 

Why Us?

  • Large Supply Management
  • Industry Low Price
  • Increased Business Understanding
  • Right Packaging
  • Awareness of Final Users Needs
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